The Tangram Concern

So now that we've finished our first year of animation at Sheridan it's time to WORK HARD ALL SUMMER!

So here's how the Tangram Concern is going to work. Each week on Thursday someone will pick an art prompt and we will all draw it. Prompts can be open or really specific! This is the order we'll go in picking prompts: (going to contact you all about this when I catch you online)

We will choose themes in this order: Hospitalvespers, travale, snarkies, doofusy, sootandsparrows.

Feel free to do any prompts you miss at any point in time.

Make sure you tag your submissions with the prompt number and your name, as well as anything else like media or subject matter.

Feel free to make any suggestions about this thing! It's to keep us working and improving over the summer THROUGH THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP.

The Tangram Concern is:

Here’s a shark guys!!

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